Meet the team


Meet Lynn, one of the friendly faces you'll encounter at Safari Outpost in Calgary. Hailing from the Great White North, Lynn brings her Canadian warmth to our South African goods store. With five years of dedicated service, she is a beloved member of
our team.

You'll often find Lynn at the till, where her warm smile and familiarity with our customers make every visit feel like a warm welcome.

Lynn's passion for our products and commitment to excellent service truly shine, making her an integral part of the Safari Outpost family.


Allow us to introduce Felix, our skilled meat cutter hailing from Ukraine. With a natural talent for quick learning and a dedication to honesty and reliability, Felix is the backbone of our meat department.

He specializes in expertly cutting and preparing our beef,lamb and pork selections, ensuring that you always receive
the finest quality meats at Safari Outpost. His commitment to precision and his unwavering work ethic make him an essential part of our team.


Meet Aric, working at Safari Outpost for the past four years. Aric is responsible for crafting our mouthwatering droewors and biltong, among other delightful products.

His dedication to his craft and commitment to quality are evident in every bite. While you may not often see Eric in the front of the store, his creative touch and culinary expertise ensure that our South African meat delights are nothing short of exceptional.


Introducing Svitlana, the newest addition to our team. She is a diligent and hard-working member of the Safari Outpost team. Full time and residing in Calgary since her arrival, Svitlana quickly proved herself to be a fast learner and a valuable asset to our business.

She dedicates her efforts to stock taking and ensuring our racks are always filled with groceries. Svitlana's commitment to excellence and her willingness to contribute make her an integral part of our team.

We're fortunate to have Svitlana as a dedicated member of our
growing family.


Meet Helena, hailing all the way from South Africa. She joined us in August, and since then, she's been the creative force behind our delicious South African baked goods, including pies, rusks, peppermint crisp tarts, and more. Her dedication to crafting these delectable treats is evident in every bite and we're appreciative of her contribution to the delicious taste of our baked goods.


Meet Chelsea, our marketing professional at Safari Outpost. With a keen eye for promotion, Chelsea works behind the scenes to share the unique offerings of Safari Outpost with our community. She's not only an essential part of our team in Calgary but also contributes her skills to the owners' other successful businesses in South Africa. We appreciate her efforts in ensuring that the warmth and vibrancy of Safari Outpost resonate both locally and internationally.


Meet Doran, the youngest team member at Safari Outpost. Although Doran works with us part-time, his willingness, dedication, and commitment to maintaining accurate and transparent pricing are cherished by all. His South African roots enrich the “lekker” atmosphere within the store.

Pieter & Carin Janse van Rensburg

Introducing the heart and soul of Safari Outpost, the dynamic duo behind the scenes; meet Pieter and Carin Janse van Rensburg. They are the dedicated owners of the company and together, they bring a unique blend of passion and expertise to ensure that Safari Outpost runs like a well-oiled machine.

With their friendly demeanor and unwavering commitment, Pieter and Carin oversee every aspect of the store, ensuring that our customers receive top-notch service and a delightful shopping experience.

Beyond Safari Outpost, their entrepreneurial spirit has led to the ownership of multiple successful businesses in South Africa. With their wealth of experience and genuine warmth, Pieter and Carin are the driving force behind the success of Safari Outpost, where South African goods find their home in Calgary.